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President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

iReach is an official certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). 

The PVSA is a civil award bestowed by the President of the United States to certain individuals or groups that have accumulated a certain amount of volunteer hours. It is a highly recognized national honor given to dedicated and outstanding volunteers throughout the country. 

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PVSA Eligibility

To apply for the PVSA, volunteers must be a U.S. citizen or a lawfully admitted permanent resident of the U.S. Volunteers who have reached the volunteer service hour criteria in the table below over a 12 month period are eligible to apply for the PVSA. At least 30 of the total volunteer hours must done through iReach in order to apply through our organization.

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PVSA Application Criteria

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PVSA Winners 2021-2022

Bronze winners: Sameer Godbole, Katherine Li, Yin Chi Lee, Ngani (Annie) Li, Yulong Huan                                                Silver winners: Lynn Yao, Kevin Meng, Xinyun He                                                                                                                Gold winners: Ximo Liu, Joanna Dong, Sophia Zhang, Daniel Yang

                     ZiYi Wang, Kevin Chen, Sophia Lin, Aidan Lin

                     Emma zhang, Allison Yuan, Tyler Wang

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PVSA Winners 2020 - 2021

Bronze winners!

Congratulations to: Michael Meng, Katherine Li, Grace Yawen Zhang, Ryan Deng, Emma Yuhan Zhang, Riya Gaur, and Kassia Crouse!

Silver winners!

Congratulations to: Allison Yuan, Justin Xu!

Gold winners!

Congratulation to: Ziyi(Wing) Wang, Si Ham Sophia Zhang, Daniel Yang, Elizabeth Ovelil, Aidan Lucas Lin, Sophia Lin, Ximo(Frank) Liu, Ngani Li, Joanna Dong!

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To learn more about the PVSA and how you can apply for it, reach out to us at

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